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Thread: FNS Compatibility Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by WaltSherrill View Post
    The barrel diameters should be different -- and if they're not, that would be different from the other FN semi-autos. (And, if the diameters are different, the slides are different, if only with regard to the opening on the front through which the barrel protrudes.) Since the barrels aren't interchangeable, whether the 9mm extractor would work is not relevant.
    Yes, barrel diameter is greater (for 40) and the barrel appears to be made of thicker metal, therefore the upper area of the 40's slide is wider/beefier. The 40 barrel won't fit in the 9mm slide. [I have 40 & 9 in Compact and 4" FNS platforms, as well as FNX...excellent interchangeability of mags and parts.]

    Quote Originally Posted by WaltSherrill View Post

    If your goal is to have a FNS-40c, your best bet might be 1) to find someone who wants to trade their 40c for a 9c, or 2) sell your 9c outright (but don't trade it to a gun shop), and buy a 40c. I expect the prices, which have already dropped a good bit over the past two years, to be even lower now that they're being discontinued. 3) Maybe keeping what you've got and buying a used 40c would work, too, as have a used FN handgun is not a problem: the warranty is the same, whether you're the original buyer or a subsequent owner.

    Going 40-to-9 is not so bad, just a conversion barrel and maybe some 9 mm mags. Going 9-to-40 is more expensive because you would need the upper slide assembly and barrel, plus mags (for highest reliability). FN isn't selling the Compact slide assembly separately (last time I looked). But, there are deals to be had on complete new 40 compacts, at ~$340. A used one might be an option if you can find one??
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    A few years back I had a Glock 19 I picked up used. It came with a 9mm conversion barrel, a Glock .40 barrel, and an aftermarket .357 SIG barrel (which I never shot.) The idea of having all the other barrels always seem good, but for a lot of shooters, they'll tend to fixate on one caliber and the other barrels seldom get used.

    I've seldom been happy with most of the .40s I've owned (with the exception of a CZ-40B, which shot well in my hands, but I foolishly traded away.) I also had a SIG P226 X-5 Competition in .40 -- which was a top-of-the-line gun, and I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn with it, but others shot it well. I was ready to give up on .40s for a couple of years.

    I traded a Glock 35 with all sorts of upgrades (the way I got it, used), and a S&W M&P Pro in .40 with similar upgrades (also the way I got it) -- with a forum member here for an FNS-40 and FNS-40L. I couldn't shoot either one of those guns worth a crap, but others shooting the same guns liked them and shot them well. My trade of those "on-steroid" .40s for an FNS-40 and FNS-40L was not good trade in the eyes of most folks (certainly not in terms of potential market value, but I shot both of the FNS-40s before I traded, and I shot them far better than the guns I traded for them. I was happy to get rid of two guns that just didn't work for me and pick up two that DID work for me.

    I also have a Glock 37 (.45 GAP) with an Apex Tactical .40 conversion barrel and an Apex Trigger system, and it's a great shooting .40 (wearing .45 GAP clothing.) Some things work for me, and other things don't. And I now enjoy shooting .40 S&W for the first time in a long, long time. You can pick up Glock .45 GAP guns for almost nothing; the ammo is available for about the same price as .45 ACP, and they're great shooting guns. After I upgraded the trigger I decidede I wanted another .40, so got the conversion barrel. It's a nice gun.
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