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Thread: FNS As Duty Weapon

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    FNS As Duty Weapon


    Times are obviously challenging right now, especially for law enforcement, and in many cases, private security. Any cops or private security here that use the FNS as their duty weapon and pay for their own gear? I have a Karma for you if so.

    If interested, please PM me for more info. If there's multiple PMs I'll do a random drawing.

    Thanks and stay safe!
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    I am been thinking of getting the 5" modal for "private security" for patrolling the land i own. Not sure if that counts.
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    A little history:

    A couple of police departments got the FNS-40 as their duty weapon. Soon after they got them, one of the officers had an unintended discharge IN the police station. After several different labs investigated the gun, they found that in two very unusual (and likely VERY RARE) situations the gun could accidentally fire. FN found the cause, redesigned the striker assembly and solved the problem.

    • I don't remember the topic title, but a full history of the striker fiasco (and a lot of commentary) can be found here on the site in THIS part of the forum. (Maybe another member can offer a link to the full story.)

    FN-America announced the problem -- a notice may still be on the FN-America website -- but did NOT do a recall. FN explained that the cause was so unique and likely to be so rare that a recall really wasn't necessary -- but FN offered to upgrade any gun with a the new striker if the owner wanted the upgrade. They paid for shipment both ways.

    We never did a roll-call count of forum members with FNS guns, but it appears that a majority of forum members with FNS models did send their guns in for the upgrades. (I did it with an FNS-40, and FNS-40 Long Slide, and an FNS-9c. right around Christmas time. I got mine back in about 12 days.) A smaller number of forum members were so satisfied with their FNS's and chose NOT to send them back for the upgrade. I've never heard of other unintended discharges for the older, non-updated models.

    Apex Tactical, who also offers trigger assemblies for the FNS and FN 509 models, also developed a machined striker for the FNS and line, and a number of members here bought them for their guns. (The original strikers were made using MIM [Metal Injection Molding] and some gun owners don't like that production method.)

    I've had a number of different semi-autos, from Glocks to H&Ks, S&Ws, and SIGs, and even a Sphinx. and the FNS-40s are my favorite polymer framed .40 semi-autos. They don't feel or shoot like most polymer guns -- they feel like LIGHT metal framed guns in your hand!

    There should be no issues if you use an FNS-9 or FNS-40 as a duty weapon.

    You might also investigate the FN 509 model, too -- which is really a slightly modernized version of the FNS-9 and FNS-40 models. It was apparently developed for the U.S. Army's recent competition seeking a replacement for the Beretta M-9. The SIG P320 won that competition -- but the Army wanted a truly MODULAR design, and the SIG was one of the few that really addressed THAT design issue.

    The price of the FN 509 models will be higher than the FNS guns, but if you can find a good USED FNS-9 or FNS-40 or a long slide version of either model, you'll get a great deal!

    You need to know, too, that FN-AMERICA honors the warranty whether you are the original owner or not, so buying a used FNS handgun is NOT a concern.

    Note: the FNS-9 or 40 is close in size to the Glock 19 or 23, the FNS-9L or 4L is close in size to the Glock 17 or 22. I'd recommend the 40L or 9L for a duty weapon, but either size should do well.
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    I carry my fns9 or 40 daily and never had any issues with it. I never sent mine in for the recall and have well over 50k round through my fns9 and still no issues. Our federal department requires us to carry another brand that we have a contract with and no fns9 while at work, but while out of work i have 100 percent full confidence in my fns9 that i carry.

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