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    New FNS Owner... Sort of....

    Hey guys, So I bought an FNS (as well as a .40 shield, S&W 5906 and a mossberg 500) a few weeks ago and it's sitting at the FFL waiting for me to get back from Afghanistan(Purchased through This is my 2nd FN as my very first gun was an fnx. I was wondering a few things. 1) what do you guys suggest for holsters (Currently I'm looking at the Alien Gear combo IWB/OWB, 2) I've been looking for a range bag that can accommodate ammo, mags, earpro, eyepro, maybe a small first aid kit, and 4 pistols, any suggestions there? 3) anything I should know about the FNS that may differ from an fnx? 4) is there a way to shoot .357 sig from a fns .40? 5) Would you recommend this as a duty gun (I intend on going to the police academy shortly).

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    i really like the kt-mech stuff personally. it's like raven concealment without the wait and 75% the cost...

    i actually ditched my FNX40 for my FNS40. i liked it that much more.

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    I love my alien gear holster, though it seems to fit my fns a little too loosely, even though it's adjusted to the thinnest setting. My sw99 an p30 have no such issue.

    An fns will feel similar to your Fnx, but is a different handgun. The fns is a striker fired handgun. Completely different trigger.

    Don't know about a range bag, I just use a smith and wesson bag I have had forever.

    I think the fns would make an excellent duty weapon. The trigger is fairly heavy, but breaks clean. The ergos are very good and the sights come up quick. Mine has been 100% reliable as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2k2wranglerx View Post
    i really like the kt-mech stuff personally. it's like raven concealment without the wait and 75% the cost...

    i actually ditched my FNX40 for my FNS40. i liked it that much more.
    I second kt-mech. I got a competition holster for my FNS-9 Longslide and it fits like a glove.

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    Check out the C.E.D deluxe professional range bag. That may meet your requirements. Another option for holsters is the n82. If you get the tactical it may take a bit of practice drawing from it. A big plus of the n82 is none of the weapon comes in contact with your body. I use it when I carry my 1911. It has really aggressive g10 grips.

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    I have & recommend the voodoo tactical range bag & heard great things about raven concielment

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