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Thread: PS90 Collection with 2 stocks and assorted ammunition

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    PS90 Collection with 2 stocks and assorted ammunition

    A rare opportunity to own one of the most comprehensive FNH P/PS90 collections offered for sale due to moving out of the country. You will receive 2 stocks, one OD green and the other a custom fitted (by me) Laserex factory (from Australia) infrared laser in black. The green stock has the factory “oiler and cleaner” on the inside of the stock along with a trigger spring replacement by K&M Aerospace which reduces the pull significantly on the gen 3 trigger. The black stock in addition of the factory laser has a select fire safety switch but no trigger pack (switch between stocks) which makes it look like a P90 stock! An Effen 90 receiver complete with a CMMG barrel with approximately 300 rounds through and topped off with a Trijicon RM04 tritium red dot mounted on a Midwest Ind. QD mount for better view and an Imperial Arms enhanced take down button. Most of these items housed in a Case Club custom Pelican case with a Savvy Sniper sling which is set-up for both stocks with QD mounts. Numerous spare parts INCLUDING an auto Breech Block moving parts assembly valued @ $525., FNH cleaning kit, bore snake, case collector, TEN 50 round magazines, 2 double magazine holders (drop down and belt), one original and one modern flash hider(s) along with a CMMG suppressor adapter 1/2 X 28 PLUS a thin wall adjustable wrench for converting these items, etc. Being a short barrel SBR with tax stamp & papers, this will be shipped to an appropriate FFL/SOT dealer only for transfer to the purchaser once forms are cleared. DO NOT BID UNLESS YOUR PARTICULAR STATES LAWS ALLOWS OWNERSHIP!!

    Also included are 2 armorers manuals, one custom assembled by me.

    And last, but not least, is a comprehensive collection of 5.7 x 28 ammunition with a custom binder highlighting each singly. The following is a list of ammunition with description and quantity:

    SS190 - 50
    L191 - 50
    SS192 - 50
    SB193 - 50 + 50 in magazine
    Blank - 50
    Manipulation - 50
    SS195LF - 200
    SS196SR - 100
    SS197SR - 150 + 50 in magazine
    SS198LF - 350 + 50 in magazine

    RRWS ISI29D-M - 50
    RRWS ISI30D-V2 - 100
    RRWS R55.SD-C - 25 in magazine
    RRWS ISI55-SD - 25 in magazine

    EA S4M - 25
    EA T6B - 50 in magazine
    EA ASST - 50 (see list photo)

    Incendiary - 32 + 18 in magazine

    Assorted others - 150

    This auction is for everything in it’s entirety. If not sold as a package deal over a period of time I will entertain individual sales. I would prefer to sell this to an appreciative party who understands the time, trouble and individuality of this collection. The total price is $4299. and is listed elsewhere.

    Thank you for viewing this.

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