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    Cool Scar 17S, SBR Registered, Suppressor, Case and much more!

    The safe queen package has been shot less than 50 times and comes with an AAC 762-SDN-6 suppressor, Vortex Viper PST 6-24 MRAD with custom FDE Duracoat, Duracoat SCAR scope mount with custom FDE Duracoat, Geissele SuperSCAR Trigger, Surefire Scout desert tan, AAC flash hider, LaRue Tactical MOAB soft case, 12 factory magazines (5 new in box) and 6 extended Molon Labe Industries magazines (never fired), Tango Down foregrip, Vickers combat padded sling and over 1000 .308 rounds. The package cost over $7k and has been stored in a climate-controlled safe. All you had to do is purchase the actual short barrel. Alternatively, I can resend the SBR status with the ATF if the short barrel is not for you and save you $200 on the stamp. Fully transferable. Buyer pays $200 stamps and shipping. All NFA rules apply. Ships from my Class 2 deal on Form 4 to your Class 2 dealer.

    Asking $5k firm. If you don't want the suppressor or SBR, I can resend the SBR and will sell for $4,500 firm.
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