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Thread: Nazi m1922 FN just picked up

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    Nazi m1922 FN just picked up


    Just picked this up seems pretty historical. Its a bring back weapon from ww2. Story I got was that an american shot a German (officer? i cant remember) in the head and brought it back. thats why it has the numbers still on it ect.... Ive heard people say that since it was double stamped with the nazi that means its SS just like the 98k's? anyway Id love to know what can be found out about this gun. Any history buffs out there could lend a hand? dont know if i should shoot it or just clean it good and lock it up. Id love to know more about the gun im sure it wasnt produced very long and Id love to know who or at least what type of soldier carried it and the sotry behind it if at all possible. Thanks everyone ANYFEEDBACK is appreciated as everything I am saying is basically all I know and Im no expert in ANY WAY

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    I don’t know anything about this firearm, but I do have to say it’s beautiful. It’s nice and clean yet so old and full of history. Nice find dude!

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    Just curious but how’d you acquire this history artifact? Awesome find by the way!

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    I'd try giving FN a call with the serial number. Wish I could be of more help, but that's what comes to mind. We have a world book of information from this Forum's members. I hope someone chimes in for you with some good intel for ya.
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    Nice gun no doubt but it would be strange for me to own something that could have been used in the Holocaust. It would be good to know the history of it but there is probably no way at all to tell.

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