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Thread: PS90 DIY Dust Covers - Clean & Cheap

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    PS90 DIY Dust Covers - Clean & Cheap

    Hey Guys,

    I was unhappy with the lack of decent dust covers on the market for my new PS90 so I did a little creative thinking and came up with the following hack:

    1. Purchase 2" (50mm) ID round vinyl pipe end caps. I got mine from this vendor (red and black can be purchased in small lots of ten for $22.50).
    2. Cut them down to a depth of .5" (10mm).
    3. Optionally, you can increase the friction fit by adding sports tape to the inner lip to reduce the ID as much as you prefer.
    4. Enjoy my Spaceforce Commandos!

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    To our lovely Forum! Thank you for sharing the information with us and the link to where you purchased them from!

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