I figured now is a good time to do it since I am sending my receiver off to be engraved. I've got a flat green tritium bar on the way from overseas, I am hoping I'll see it soon since both my barrel circumciser and engraver have very short turnaround times, and I'd rather not have to install, then uninstall, the sight several times.

This was a little trickier than I had thought. I almost stabbed through the silicon to the top of the sight... Either way, I got it removed and now just have to wait for my tritium to arrive. One thing I noticed though is on the far edge of my optic, there is some sort of artifact showing up that I don't believe was there before. You can only see it when the optic is very close to your eyes, but the outer edge has some sort of disformity now. Did I scratch the glass perhaps?

Pics https://imgur.com/a/vxxtQKw