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Thread: PS90 Suppressor Options 9mm or 30cal

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    Post PS90 Suppressor Options 9mm or 30cal

    I am starting to plan out my PS90 SBR build and trying to decide on a suppressor and mount. I have a Gemtech GM-9 and a YHM Phantom LT 7.62 can, and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on either running a 9mm or .30cal can? I know people have done both.

    With the GM-9 I could use a 3-lug. The LT 7.62 is 20oz and I feel like that would add a lot of extra weight.

    I am not in the 556 caliber so I don't want to buy a 556 can solely for this platform (also don't want to wait for a Form 4 approval).


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    the omega 9k will be perfect for 5.7, 9mm and 300 blackout. i have one it’s a great can.

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    I've got a TBAC Ultra 7 that I've run a few times on my SBR, worked well. Also have run my Octane 45 using a 22 end cap on it, so far that's been my favorite due to weight. Blowback on both was far less than my Spectre 2 making shooting the suppressed PS90 a joy.
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    I've run 2 cans on my PS90 (supersonic ammo only).

    I built a 5 inch long 5.56 can with only 4 baffles in it specifically for the gun, just to 'take the edge off'. Apparently the volume of the 1.5 inch tube made up for it, and its a bit quieter than a blowback rifle length .22 unsuppressed firing supersonic ammo, the crack is louder than anything else going on.

    Before I built the can, I was running my AK can on it, since that's the only can I move between multiple guns (all my others live on the guns they are for). That's an 8 inch long tube of the same diameter with a large blast chamber and generous overbore to account for breakpressure and thread concentricity on various AK's. It's got 7 baffles bored progressively tighter (reducing backpressure) then looser halfway down the can to account for thread concentricity. They are bored anywhere from .405 to .445.

    In the same range session myself and a friend swapped back and forth between the 2 cans, and neither of us could notice a difference between the 2 cans, both from the shooter's perspective and standing a few feet next to them. I have considerable hearing damage but he does not. We both agreed there was no change to sound level or blowback.

    All that to say that the AK can has a bore similar to a commercial 9mm can (other than a single .405 baffle which would be a bit tight on a 9mm), and there was no problem with the overbore. Its a supersonic round that makes a crack, regardless of how you suppress it. If you plan on running subsonic, it may make more of a difference, but at that point I think you should just use a .22 (rifle or can).

    5.7 does put out a lot more pressure and heat though, so if I planned on shooting a good volume, I would think I would want a 9mm can rated for full auto. I have an AAC Evolution 9, for example, that is SUPER light and made of thin aluminum. I don't plan on ever throwing that on my PS90.

    Caveat: I will say the huge difference we saw is in the weight out on the end. Lighter weight pistol cans can make up for length by using lighter components, but if going with a .308 rifle can I would want something either short and built like a tank or longer but utilizing a lot of titanium. They are made of heavier materials, so you will notice a lot of the weight out front with a full length rifle can, especially since everything rear or the chamber on the PS90 is super light.
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    Thank you for your input! Lots to consider.

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    I spoke with a CSR from Sig Sauer in July regarding the SRD22X which is rated for 22lr, .17 HMR, .17 Mach II and 22 Mag. She told me that the SRD22X can be used on my PS90 to suppress 5.7x28. I haven't tried it yet, I'm waiting on my new threaded barrel to come in the mail.

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    The GM-9 is rated for 9mm full auto and 300BLK subsonic only. Might want to call Gemtech and see if it is okay for 5.7x28

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    I would run the 7.62 and throw a 556 end cap on it. However it's up to you, try people's suggestions and see what you like the best, as in the end it all depends on what you want via how quiet, the weight, bench plinking, CQB etc. Let the community know your finding's when your done as I'm sure people struggle with a can purchase or build when it comes to the PS90, everyone has different opinions and suggestions.

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    I tried my Dead Air Mask, SandmanS and Rugged 9mm suppressors. The SandManS was best but the 9mm can was darn close. The Mask just does not have enough volume for the 5.7
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    New to the platform, just picked up my PS90 today. I also ordered the CMMG 10.4" barrel for the gun and I'm going to submit my eform 1 this week. I have a Sandman S and Ghost M (45 cal) for suppressors. I'm just wondering what would work best for sound reduction. I am deciding between a DA 3 prong flash hider to use the Sandman or a 1/2x28 tri lug adapter to use the Ghost M. Which can would be quieter on the gun in your opinion?

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