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Thread: CZ Bren 1 + 2 - The Czech SCAR compared to the Real Thing

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    Yes, I did not make the ACR comparison but there it is. Multi-Cal and all. I got one of the 300 and Iíd love to have an MS and a BR.
    After years then months of holding my breath, keeping my fingers crossed and feverishly searched for information and clues as to what is going to happen when, I came to the realization that CZ-USA is Bushmaster and ACR. Neither is behind their product because of why? I donít know - seems like a winning product to me.
    Anyhow, the Bren 2 has a permanent home here with me as will a MS and BR if that ever happens.
    I am not waiting, Iíve moved on to Brugger & Thomet. Do you know how much CZ stuff I would have bought instead of B&T if CZ-USA had produced? Lots!
    I donít bother to hunt for BREN 2 rumors any more, it is time wasted - Iím hugely disappointed and resentful towards them.
    Still everything CZ Iíve bought is good - just a poorly managed company.
    Anyhow, Iíll end this here because I need to search for some B&T news and rumors.
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    Yeah I like the B&T stuff too. My local gun store has an APC 223 already tagged as a rifle with a 16Ē barrel and factory B&T folding stock hanging on the wall. Iíve handled it probably a couple dozen times as itís been there for a year due to the price tag I guess. As nice as it is, I think the Bren 2 still offers more though if you could get one with a factory stock. I keep thinking that some day that Swiss rifle will be like the Sig 551ís that go for so much money now if you can even find one. I will probably be saying ďI could have bought one of those for $3,300 back in 2019Ē and kicking myself if I donít buy it

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    I love my Bren 2s
    Iíve shot over 1K rounds through it and Iíve never had an issue. I truly think itís more economical, smooth and ergonomic than anything in its class. My SCAR 17s is my all around rifle (e.g SPR, Hunting, medium to long range shooting). I believe my Bren 2s in 7.62x39 will be my other all around rifle. Bren 2Ms pistols have just now started drizzling in so that can keep some of haters at bay. However, I think the Bren 2s is more appealing than the Bren 2Ms, at least in pistol form. CZ needs to recognize that military collectors like to have guns in the exact military form (minus obvious select fire switch) and not a ďbotched American versionĒ.
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    I have an SBR Bren 805 and SCAR 16S. The 805 is a tank, and the action feels like it's on greased bearings, but the SCAR still outshines it in mobility/weight.
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