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Thread: SCAR 16S Barrel Shoulder Question

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    SCAR 16S Barrel Shoulder Question


    I own a SCAR17 and am quite familliar with the narrow shoulder on that gun. I have been looking for a SCAR16 and am curious about its barrel shoulder. I cant find any information on it.

    Does the SCAR16 have enough of a shoulder to mount any standard 1/2x24 AR muzzle device? I am asking bacause it seems like FN ships these out without a jam nut like they have on the 17. Furthermore, does anyone know if a 1/2x24 AAC MITER hider would fit on the 16? I am afraid there is too much of a shoulder and that hider wont slip over it. I have the miter on my 17 and would like to put a miter on a 16 if I ever get one so that they match.

    Thank You.

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    The SCAR 16 has a standard shoulder profile. On the 10" barrel, I swapped mine out with the standard 1/2x28 5.56 Rugged FH without issue. Fit and alignment were perfect and checked with Geissele alignment rod. Prior to SBR'ing the 16, I had a Smith Vortex A2 FH on the 16" barrel, again in standard 1/2x28.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any experience with the AAC MITER...but I'm sure someone has that info.
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