First shoot with a 16s and VLTOR stock review(sort of)

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    First shoot with a 16s and VLTOR stock review(sort of)

    Finally got out today to shoot my 16s and it shot great but man is it LOUD. That muzzle break really does it I guess. Is the break what makes it recoil so soft and allow for very quick follow ups? I didn't really get to sight it in but enjoyed it alot.

    Last night I put on a VLTOR stock that came with my scar. The only thing I can say is great! Eliminates the rattle from the old stock. Locks up solid, good piece of kit. I didn't see any reviews on the site so I just went ahead and put it on. Glad I did.

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    I have been trying to figure out how to eliminate that rattle. I thought some of the rattle was from the little cheekpiece, though. May have to get that stock if it does the job you say it does.

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    My 17 rattles and my 16 doesnt... just something i can live with... i really dont care... however I would obviously prefer if it were silent...

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