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Thread: Scar 17 glass??

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    Oh I know haha! 2-4+thousand

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    Liberty Optics had the lowest price I saw for a new mk 6. I got mine over there. had to wait a bit but got a good deal
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    I’ve got a MK6 3-18 illuminated on my 17. Best piece of glass I have ever used. It does a hell of a job on the 17 and they are tough as nails. There is a video of someone tossing one off of a helicopter reattaching to the rifle. Not only was no damaged sustained, it held zero.
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    I have one of the newer IOR Valdada 3.5 x 18 on my 700 5R that I've thought about using. Uses the best glass from the German Schott factory and very expensive. However, not sure how it would hold up. I was leaning toward the simplistic, yet very rugged Elcan 1.5 x 6, but not sure if 6 is high enough with my almost 71yr old eyes.
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    Was issued the elcan, not a fan.

    I would consider the vortex 1-10 or Kahles 1-8 depending on your reticle proficiency
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    The Scar 17 has the ability to reach out if you plan on staying around the 300 meter range the optic you got is fine. The recoil wont mess with your zero unless you go cheap on the mount. I would get the mark 4 or a larue system. I have a mark 6 1-6 and it has never failed me. The vortex razor 1-6 or newer 1-8 is a great second option and will be easier on the bank. The nightforce 1-8 nxs is another good option or any of the Trijicons. I would stay away from the acogs the eye relief is pretty short . What load are you going to be running?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fishjager View Post
    Funny, I put a Leupold Mark 6 3-18X44 on my SCAR 17. Could not be happier. They are kind of expensive though.
    But they have killer warranties. I sent back a 25 year old VariX III I've had on my 7 mag since I bought it and they returned it completely refurbished. I've sighted it in maybe 3 times in those 25 years and that was only after dropping it out of a climbing stand once and it falling over twice. I didn't have to do much to get it back on target even then. You can spend a lot more money on a scope than the Leupolds cost.

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    VX-R Patrol 1.5 - 4 is a great scope. I had one on my 17 and put approximately 3000 rounds through it. Never a problem. The motion activated illumination feature should be on ALL scopes with illuminated reticles. I only took it off in favor of a higher powered Leupold.
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