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    Geissele trigger pin install problem

    Bought the gun about a year ago and the trigger last month. Tried to install the trigger last night and ran into fit issue between the trigger pin and the trigger assembly. The hole in the middle piece of the trigger assembly (I believed that is call the sear) measured .001" too small. I used a micrometer and pin gage to measure the hole n the pin. I am positive it was not the alignment between the pin n the trigger assembly because I tried passing the pin through both pieces of the trigger assemble and the pin only interferes with the sear. E mailed geissele already and waiting to hear back from them. Anyone else had this issue?

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    Haven't heard of any fitment issues with geissele before. They come with a blank pin in place through the sear to aid in installation usually. However, you have done the right thing and contacted them. Bill will take care of you.
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    In the instructions that came with mine they mention that potential issue and suggest polishing the pin with emery cloth, spinning it in a hand drill.

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    Don't know if I will be able to remove that much material using an emery cloth. Also wouldn't that remove the finish on the pin n possibly cause corrosion or durability issues in the future?

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    I had this same issue. They instructed me on how to do it myself or gave me the option of sending it to them. I decided to send it to them along with parts of my rifle and they installed it. They assembled it and send it back to me the same day they received it. They'll take care of you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m6a3guy View Post
    wouldn't that remove the finish on the pin n possibly cause corrosion or durability issues in the future?
    Corrosion, yes. Durability issues, no.


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