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Thread: trigger safety spring

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    trigger safety spring

    I recently bought the FN 509. I've only put just under 200 rounds through it and the trigger safety spring, held in by a retention rod, fell out. I cant find any info on anything anywhere on how this spring is supposed to go back in the trigger. any and all help would be appreciated! even if someone could get me a picture of it, would be super helpful! thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PositivePlague View Post
    the trigger safety spring, held in by a retention rod, fell out.
    Were you tinkering with it? or did it just fall out?

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    Unusual that it just fell out, if it just fell out should be covered under warranty. I would recommend calling FN customer service and follow their instructions.

    Another less desirable option is, Apex has pretty comprehensive videos for disassembly and reassembly of 509 trigger components to install their aftermarket components. I don’t believe the videos actually cover the trigger safety spring so may not be any help at all. Apex recommends their use only by an experienced professional gunsmith. If it’s determined they might assist I would echo their recommendation, use only if you have the skill as a gunsmith and have proper tools and be aware disassembly will void the factory warranty.
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