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    From The Two Is One, One Is None Files...

    I didn't see a good fit for bolt gun posts in any of the forums but wanted to share my evening last night with my BIL.

    I've been hunting for the same farmers since '97 and have laid hundreds of 'chucks low.

    The equipment has changed over the years and I've used many rifles to keep the vermin down.

    10 or so years ago I picked up a Savage PC10 in .223 and it's been an absolute gem. My BIL wanted to get in on the action and built a clone of my rifle all the way down to the same suppressor, an AAC M4-2000.

    We killed 8 last night and the shot of the evening was a 350 yard headshot from my BIL. It's a joy to have nice rifles to shoot.

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    Nice setup you have there.

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    Very nice,

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