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    How To Post a Photo

    You can now post pictures directly from you Computer. click the link 3 from the smily face and follow the directions!!

    Some of the steps may change over time, but the concept is the same and pretty simple

    10 easy steps on HOW TO POST PICS:
    It takes 2 minutes to setup and 2 minutes to post. It works on almost all forums. (Please keep your Photos at 800x600 or less.
    UPDATE: Some of the steps may change over time, but the concept is the same and pretty simple

    1.) Go here Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket (IT IS FREE)
    2.) Click "sign up" Top right, and enter the info and once your account is setup log in (you may have to activate through an email)
    3.) Put your picture on your CPU "desktop" as it is the best place to quickly find it (you may move it later)
    4.) Click green upload button (Top / Middle)
    5.) Click green "select photos and videos" in the middle of the page
    6.) In the Popup screen, locate your picture on your computer to be uploaded. If you put it on your desktop like advised, click the desktop button (depending on what version of windows you have).
    7.) Wait 5 seconds until it is uploaded (bigger photos take longer),
    8.) Click the blue "save and continue to my album(located right side middle of page) Your album page should popup shortly
    9.) Locate your photo in your album page, but don't click it. Hover your mouse over the desired pic and a box will appear. Go to IMG CODE and left click it (you have just copied it).
    10.) Right click here on your ad where you want your pic to be placed and choose paste.

    *To resize your photos on Photobucket, when you hit "upload photo" you click on "customize your upload options"(under selct photos and videos") Check the 800x600

    That’s it!! Practice makes perfect (just like the range)
    You may want to go back and check your privacy settings or others will be able view your albums on Photo bucket (Naked wife pics, cross-dressing, or other naughty stuff)

    Alternative Imageshack steps:Easier for Noobs

    1.) Go here ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting
    2.) Click sign up and follow simple 5 step directions
    3.) Go to your email and activate account(first blue link)
    4.) Click “media upload” button (top left)
    5.) Click browse(I put my pics on my desktop to find them quickly) and locate your pic and hit open or double click pick
    6.) Click blue “upload now” and wait 10 seconds
    Your picture has been uploaded and is now ready to "share"

    2 ways to do this step:
    7.) A.)Single large photo=left click on "Forum Code" box...Goto step 8
    B.)Row of small pics=click the "share" icon(top one right of pic) A box should open and click The "forum"section.
    8.) Go to your post on this forum and chose paste.

    You might want to check your setting and make them private down the road.

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