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Thread: Price gouging will not be tolerated!!!

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    Exclamation Price gouging will not be tolerated!!!

    As per rule #13 your prices asked must be reasonable and within current market value. This rule is long overdue and will be inforced immediately!! There are other sites out there that you can list your "over valued" product on.

    *Limited editions, hard to find and a few other items will be exempted, but use common sense in pricing these items.

    FNForum recognizes members inherent right to ask for current market value for their items they are selling. However price gouging will not be tolerated. Moderators will lock any thread that is considered price gouging and notify the member. The member must provide evidence to Moderators in a reply PM that the wares they are selling are within a reasonable price matching other sources. If Moderators agree, your ad will be unlocked. If you are uncomfortable with the price you are asking, you are probably price gouging and you should sell your wares on other web auction sites.

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