I recently gained access to a shooting range out to 600 yards. Not long range but still a good test for someone to get his feet wet. 200 has been the most I have shot in the past. The cheap spotting scopes I bought have been able to show 30 cal. holes out to that distance. I decided to step up and buy a high end spotting scope. Not one of the alphas, but it was a $1500 scope which I consider to be the next level down or beta class (https://cameralandny.com/shop/brands...iation=1628565). I went to the range yesterday and set out targets to 400 yrds. There was a 10 mph crossing wind and some heat mirage rising. I was able to see the bullet holes at 200 yds. no problem, but was disappointed I could not see the ones in the 300 yrd. target. This pretty much ended my first attempt to learn my scope adjustments for longer ranges. My question is what should I expect with a spotting scope like this? What has been your experiences using spotting scopes at 200+ ranges? Under steady conditions what should I expect out of this spotter? I have a $5K 140mm apochromatic telescope. Do I need to drag it out to see to 400+?