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Thread: FN509 and +p+ ammo?

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    FN509 and +p+ ammo?

    Hey guys, so I have a box of Federal JHP 9mm 115gr +p+ ammo. Does anyone have experience with shooting this ammo? I've heard that I should stick to +p 124 gr to avoid high pressure strain. I don't know alot about the +p ammo and really don't wanna blow up my 509. Any advice is welcome.

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    The fn 509 is designed to safely and reliably function with +p ammunition. The ammunition sold as +p+ does not conform to saami or cip guidelines and may develop chamber pressure in excess of industry standards. Do not use +p+ ammunition in the fn 509 as it could result in serious injury or death. Do not use ammunition specifically intended for use in submachine guns as chamber pressure may reach or exceed the pressure developed by proof loads.
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    Is that the Federal 9BPLE load? If so, it's been around for over 30 years and isn't known for blowing up pistols. Some people have shot thousands of rounds of it through Glocks without breaking anything.

    Since the FN509 should be about as strong as a Glock 19, I would not be afraid to shoot it. But it is rated +P+ so you would be voiding FN's warranty.
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