I tested Speer's 75gr Gold Dot awhile back for velocity only. Pine Valley Munitions contacted me and asked if I would test their 5.56 pressure loading, that Speer used to offer but dropped for the .223 only version.

Needless to say these are some insane gains over the .223 version. 5.56 version was 140 fps faster. in the 16" vs 16" barrel. Our accuracy was still good at these higher velocities and performance in clear gel showed expansion even at a 7.5" barrel.

Tactical Rifleman and MrGnG use PVM's ammo.

They were back in stock the other day. They did give me a discount code "buffman" for 5% off orders: https://pinevalleymunitions.com/prod...-pack/?ref=127

Bullet Macros: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmMM41mY

They also offer a 77gr SMK Mod 0 (no cannelure) "clone" This is more of a .223 pressure loading vs what I've tested IMI RC 77gr. Accuracy was very consistent among groups, and it performed very well in gel, but no expansion out of the 7.5"

Macros: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmNjhETw

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