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    Shelves are still empty here in the Appalachias of NC. The local Wal Mart, I believe, are holding the ammo for there buddies, which just ain't right


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    BIGBEN, thank you as you are the first person to realize this and post it.

    Nessos, that is happening on a wide spread basis across the country and today I convinced a salesman to give me ammo. I searched the entire store and found no ammo so I asked a salesman and he went in the back and gave me ammo and he also ignored the policy restricting the amount of ammo sold per day as I was buying for more than one person.
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    Walmart is typically bare in my local area. I stop in here and there and have on rare occasion found some .45ACP. This has happened twice in 4 months with a purchase of 3 boxes (limit) of WWB and they once had some Tula so I bought that too.

    My LGS has a decent supply these days except 22LR although they did sell a ton of it a couple of months ago. .223 PMC Bronze for $555/1000, not too bad but better deals online depending on shipping. Same with Wolf/Tula 7.62x39 at $300/1000.

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