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Thread: SBR / Barrel Question

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    SBR / Barrel Question

    Hi guys,

    First post, and brand new FN PS90 owner (not even a 7 day owner yet). First off I've wanted this gun since I was 12, I'm now 24 and am finally able to say I own this fine machine. Or as my friends say, "this is a weird gun." As I was growing up more and more shows started using it for its "weirdness" or futuristic appearance. I want to go through the SBR process, (you can blame Stargate SG-1 for that) but a question I've had and can't seem to find an answer for is thus. If I get the SBR process done, can I purchase the longer stock barrel as well? I want the SBR done, but I still would like the ability to swap out to the longer barrel for greater distances.

    My local gun-dealer vaguely said I could but when I went to sell it, I would have to sell the SBR mod and lower receiver together to an FFL. I knew that would be the case, as if I EVER intended on selling my PS90, but he didn't really give me an answer for the having a second barrel question. If I can't, I'll just keep the longer stock barrel for the greater accuracy. But now that I own the gun, having it as close to the military variant as possible is a major want.

    Any input is much appreciated. Did I mention I love this gun? I love this gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elgin View Post
    Can I purchase the longer stock barrel as well? I want the SBR done, but I still would like the ability to swap out to the longer barrel for greater distances.
    Yes you can keep a longer assembly and put it on there whenever you like. Most people prefer it that way. You are most likely going to need to purchase a second 16" barrel and get it cut down (most use the company TROS USA for the PS90 barrel cut) as the P90 barrels aren't commercialy available.

    Most of all congratulations on your new PS90 and welcome to FNF.
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    You would not be gaining that much though because the flash hider that is pinned on is so long

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    When you SBR a PS90, you are putting the PS90 RECEIVER on a Form 1 (Application to Make a Firearm). The PS90 barrels (16") don't lend themselves to easy swaps because most of the time they are damaged considerably during the SBR process (removal without killing the shroud involves drilling a blind pin which is across the threads on the barrel). MOST of the time, guys will simply cut the barrel/shroud behind the pin and have the barrel cut/crowned at the desired SBR length (10.3") so it can be reinstalled as an SBR barrel - please do this ONLY AFTER YOU HAVE A COMPLETED FORM 1!

    The longer assembly Kameron is referring to is an entirely different barreled receiver. You simply swap that with your SBR receiver - the stock, internal action, and hammer pack work with both barreled receivers. Essentially you have two PS90s, but without the stock/internals for one.

    When/if you decided to sell the SBR'd PS90 receiver, you have a couple of options. First, make sure you write the BATFE and ask them to remove it from the NFA registry. Then you can:

    1) Break it down and sell the parts individually. Selling the receiver itself doesn't necessarily require an FFL once it's removed from the NFA registry. It's just another PS90 receiver then. It depends on your location, your buyer's location, and your state laws.
    2) Reinstall a 16" barrel and shroud and have it permanently attached (pin, weld, etc.) - painful....

    Or you could leave the PS90 as an SBR (NFA), and transfer it appropriately to someone else (in state, Form 4, one tax stamp; out of state, two tax stamps, and dealer fees).

    OR, if you have two receivers, sell the non-NFA receiver/barrel with the stock/internals (a complete PS90), then figure out what you want to do with the NFA receiver/parts.

    Recommendation (after you have the Form 1 completed/approved): cut it, crown it, build it, keep it.


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    Thanks for the info guys, all information is helpful as apparently my new purchase is somewhat of a rarity where I live. The few people I told about it, (ok, a lot of people) thought when I said P90 I was talking about Ruger's P90 pistol. Little disappointed by that, but I can't say I know every gun by its model number/name off hand either. So each their own as far as weapon knowledge goes. I'm not exactly a purist but I can't say that with a firm hand yet either because I haven't bought anything else for the P90, broke college kid and all. I just thought it'd be nice to some degree or another to be able to swap the gun back to the way I originally bought it. (Not for selling purposes mind you) Though if finding a new barreled receiver and keeping the original is hard to come by, I might know a someone that was a friend of my pops, that got retrained by the Electricians Union after an injury to become a gunsmith. Custom built my bro's sniper rifle actually, as with cars though I've learned with guns; this statement holds true. "How much horse power you want isn't the issue, its how much money you're willing to spend for that higher number."

    I feel like I've purchased a money pit, one I have no qualms about trying to fill either. Again, thanks for the information, that cleared up my one snag on the SBR issue quite nicely. Awesome place here too, quite a bit of reading up to do on all aspects.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elgin View Post
    I'm not exactly a purist but I can't say that with a firm hand yet either because I haven't bought anything else for the P90
    It's a PS90.

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    If you are going to SBR something, the PS90 is an excellent choice.

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    The PS90 is begging to be SBR'd.
    AMP PS90 trigger install:
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    Makes it so much smaller, as if THAT were even possible! go for it.

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