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Thread: Create Your Own Integral Storage Space in your SCAR

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    Create Your Own Integral Storage Space in your SCAR

    Ok, so we are all excited that VLTOR has a new SCAR stock that features an integral storage area to hold a cleaning kit or whatever.
    Here's the problem. VLTOR as a company does not function on human time, no no no, they prefer to function on Congressional Standard time, the same speed our politicians use which is roughly the same speed as fingernails growing.
    Initially, they said the stock would be ready in early March, then late March, etc etc, ad nauseum.
    Well, it is now August and I for one am sick of waiting, so I made my own. Here is what you do if you should be so inclined:
    1.) Obtain a 30 Cal BoreSnake.
    2.) measure HALFWAY between the end of the INTEGRAL bore brush and the end of the snake.
    3.) Cut the snake at that halfway point
    4.) use a lighter to whip/melt the ends together to minimize fraying, making sure to keep the melted end smaller than the rest of the snake
    5.) Push out the retaining pin that holds your SCAR butt-pad in place
    6.) Remove the butt-pad, and examine the interior space of the butt-stock.
    7.) notice that there are 2 main spaces- 1 with springs to adjust length of pull, and 1 that is essentially empty.
    8.) Use a Dremmel to remove to 2 small tabs that stick out of the empty space.
    9.) Voila! You now have a small but usable integral storage space in the buttstock of your SCAR
    10.) Neatly and tightly wind up the modified BoreSnake and place into new cargo hold.
    11.) Enjoy
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    Isn't the Internet adage, pics or it didn't happen..

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    that would be pics or shens....

    i saw that VLTOR stock, and while its a cool concept, it ruins the look of the rifle in my eyes...
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    While this is a nifty idea, my only concern would be that interfering with the integrity of the area for which the "tabs" or reinforcement backing as I call it may produce unwanted results. I.E. weakening the stock itself.

    Your mileage may vary...... There is already a large enough space to fit a rolled up cleaning cloth so I'm good.
    In light of current events, I've sold all of my firearms.
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