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    So I did a CAOS un boxing and review video.

    It's advertising to Dorin and not me. Can I post it?
    Jay Wolf

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    Go ahead and post it but do not "HOT link" to their site. Nothing wrong with an outside review but just keep in mind that our vendors pay for the privileged of advertising on this site and it is not fair if we allow others (third parties) to advertise for non paying vendors. This is especially for FN products or after market products that are for FN firearms

    5. No commercial advertisements (selling products) unless you become a sponsor first. It isn't fair for FNForum to allow a vendor to sell their goods without first becoming a sponsor when other companies/sponsors have paid for the privilege to advertise here.

    Saying that this item is available from ABC is OK but hot linking to a site that is not a forum vendor such as "and it can be bought here at WWW.ABC(dot)com is not OK(this is considered advertising). And you must not have any connection to the selling site nor can you receive any compensation or "tit for tat" from the business to do the un boxing review. A true unbiased third party review without compensation of any type is what we are aiming for.

    You are a business man Jay, just use your common sense to avoid any conflicts when doing a third party review or un boxing video.

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