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Thread: Who has their own range at home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HK SD9 Tactical View Post
    Would love to have my own range. Unfortunately, in my residential area, they are not allowed. I would not mind moving to a more open area but the wife likes our home and our area and is not ready to move. So for the time being, I have to drive miles and miles away to get to the official outdoor range. Wish I knew someone around me that had a lot of property so that I could go there and shoot to my hearts content instead of "one shot every three seconds" or you will be expelled from the range. Come back on "Fast Fire" day and compete with the other 1,000 people for 21 lanes to shoot.

    Pretty sick.
    I've got plenty of room around me, here in farm country. I could make a range, once I got the logistics and location down. I've got a main CSX line that runs through here and my property goes down a bank up to their right of way which is eight feet on both sides of the track. It's a perfect shooting berm, but I have to shoot across the RR tracks and while I don't know that they would say anything I can't do a full setup down there and keep it out of site when a train rolls through. We have a state run range not far away and we try to use it regularly.

    Frankly, I'm surprised that there are not more open ranges in this area where I live. As I said, it's in the middle of farm country in a pretty nice part of Tennessee. My neighbor and I have talked about building a range on my property. He hunts, I just shoot for fun and for self-defense training.
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    I just received my Rimfire dueling tree. Man that is some serious fun.

    I don’t leave the Texas Star paddles outside. It’s useless without them.

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    Here's the backyard at my Texas House. The audacity of those deer to block my shooting range!
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    Nothing fancy, but it serves. Once you start using your own range, you'll rather be mauled in the crotch by a rabid badger
    than go back to a publick range. The difference is night and day.

    I was out there, yesterday. Shot five mags, one caliber. I guess the best thing about it, is you can shoot a few rounds, rather than packing up for a lengthy public range
    trip, where you try to get a lot done all at once. Then it's the marathon gun cleaning, afterward. The home range lets you spread it out.
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    We have a 85 yd. range with a shooting bench. RR ties stacked up for a backstop. It is so nice to be able to walk out the back door and be shooting in less than 5 minutes. This has inspired my wife to take up shooting as well. Life is good out in the country
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    We shoot at a pond dam at about 150 yds. It's plenty high and have 30 acres with trees behind it so no issues with stray rounds. Tracers at night going over water is nice. The kids love it.
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    My home range are full of crowd and there are space to create own range But I got an idea from your range which is very useful to create a range at a big home

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    Air pistol in the basement is all I can manage. Jealous of you gentlemen!
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    I wish i had the backyard option for a range. Kind of difficult in the city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDR_Glock View Post
    I have had an archery range for 6 years but I have been tired of lugging a lot of my AR-500 steel targets.

    I have a Texas Star and Dueling Tree which are quite heavy and cumbersome

    I have a Last Stands Target stand that has several sized AR-500 plates. The dueling tree which can be transported since it’s not too heavy (55 lbs). The Texas Star which would not be fun lugging to the range and calling for a cold range every other minute. I have a few other target systems such as Arntzen targets but I’m debating just bring those to the range versus keeping them outside.

    Anyone else have their own range? I was inspired by Hickok45.

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    At one time I had a 4,000sq/ft lake house built in a bowl like depression with 300-600 yards of wooded land surrounding before a rise of almost 30 feet on 3 sides. I literally turned the entire area into a shooting range with 28 A500 6ft tall structural steel rectangular cutoff drops from a a massive construction project 20 miles away.

    When the wife and kids would go into town I would post a warning sign at the property entrance and padlock the front gate of our 1/2 mile gravel driveway. I would open up the doors and windows/screens and engage targets from 15 to 500 yards within and without the house. I had my 6ft tall by 8in wide rec tube "bad guys" setup using the trees, stable, greenhouse and boathouse as partial cover. I engaged in every scenario from me waking up in bed grabbing my Colt SBR or pistol and a shoulder bag of mags to me defending from an imaginary Chi-Com hoard with my FN/FAL PARA in full "battle rattle".

    Probably the most fun I've ever had with my personal firearms in 43 years of shooting.

    My wife actually liked the idea that I could defend our property so successfully after I gave her a full live demonstration but she drew the line when I bought an AKS74U and started shooting stinky Russian ammo. She said my new gun made the house smell like cat pee and it threw those steel cases all over the place so she would randomly encounter them with her then new $2000 Kirby vacuum($240 repair).

    When the foundation on that lakehouse cracked after a flood and the soft substrate made jacking it back to level impossible I was forced to demolish the house as my flood insurance was about to be canceled anyway. Despite making a $100,000 profit I was super depressed at the thought of giving up the lifestyle that awsome old house provided.

    To this day my wife sees a Krinkov and says "smells bad, breaks vacuums", lol
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