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Thread: Sinister shooting

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    No Catholic school, but my family did the “process” of curing my left handedness. Now I’m ambi-non-dextrious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fnfalman View Post
    I'm strong right arm and left eye dominant.

    You can condition yourself to not shoot with your dominant eye. That's what I did.

    Tape over the shooting glass's lens of your dominant eye. Ergo, you have no choice but to use the non-dominant eye. After a while, it's automatic and you no longer use the dominant eye.
    fnfalman’s method worked for me several years ago. Before I always closed my left (dominate) eye when shooting a gun or bow. This caused many problems with field of view and low light vision.

    I started out simply squinting slightly and worked on it for several months until I was able to pick up my sights with my non dominant eye automatically. I’ve also found that when shooting a hand gun, slightly turning your head left so that the bridge of your nose obscures your left eye view of the sight helps.

    Good luck!

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