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    First Shotgun - FN SLP Competition

    Just purchased my first shotgun, FN SLP Competition. I've been shooting pistols and rifles (IDPA, USPSA, etc.), but had to borrow shotguns for 3-Gun. The Competition had some of the features I wanted (rear site) and was the right price. My only disappointment is the loading port "door". I wish it was flat across instead of curved. I keep catching my thumb/fingers when trying to push the shell in all the way; and/or the shell doesn't go all the way in and ends up under that "door" and I have to eject shells.
    Is there a replacement for that loading port door?

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    I noticed the same thing when loading. For me the fix was simple, I bend my thumb slightly when pushing the shell into the tube. That little change eliminated the problem for me. Good luck.

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